Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ugly Truth

So, I am getting all these messages about what is going on. The fact is, I have a four day span this week that I had time to go see about what has been giving me fits for the most part of the last 9 weeks. Most of my friends know I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last July. I was having a flare when I was diagnosed and the colonoscopy made it worse, still, three weeks after taking the meds and following the diet to a tee, I was better, then I had a flare in November brought on by antibiotics, once again, the meds and lifestyle got me quickly through it.

This time has been different, and worse. I started having some bleeding in my stools in mid February, it was on an off until the 18th of March, I learned early to keep a diary of what happens when and what I might have done to cause/prevent it. Anyway, I started myself back on asacol on the 21st and called the doctor on the 31st when I was seeing no improvement. The doctor said to keep taking the asacol until July 1, then call him back. I know he assumed a few more weeks on the asacol and I would be better again.

Things has consistently gotten worse. I had my first "accident" in our attic on the 12th, it was bad and the first time I realized how much blood there really was. I puked and puked just trying to clean myself, my attic floor, my bathroom floor and my clothes up. I had another accident last week, at work, at least it was almost time to go home. I knew it was time I had to do something. I called my doctor, they were gone, I tried again Friday, still gone. I knew they did surgery all day on Monday, so I called my family doctor on Friday, she wanted me to come right then. I said I had too many things going on and I could come first thing Monday morning.

Meanwhile, I had been on the crohn's and colitis foundations website and pretty well figured out that the only way I was going to get through this was the IV prednisone. Everyone on the site goes to the the hospital to do this. I was pretty sure of my future.

I went to my doctor this morning, she knows I normally fight her tooth and nail about going to the hospital but I told her this morning I was okay with it because I knew I needed the IV. She said I was exactly right, I needed the IV but she could do it in her office. She took blood tests so we can see if I need a transfusion and then gave me an IV in one arm of prednisone and a shot of it in the other arm. I start are steri-pack tomorrow.

I have already quit bleeding, that is priceless. I have diabetes too and the prednisone raised my sugar so I don't feel good but I still know we are heading the right way. I am also being referred to a specialist at Barnes, I have to tell you, honestly for the first time, someone is taking this seriously.

I know I do a good job of faking being fine, but I don't with my doctors, I do what I have to do to get everything done that I believe needs done. I know it puts a shock on people when they see me in the days before acting fine. God pretty well told me on my way home from church yesterday that it was time to just be still and get some rest, and I am. UC is stress induced, not having held up my end of bargains would induce more stress. 

So, I find out in the morning if I have to have blood, I am home three days to rest and then hopefully we get to start life back to normal, which is good because my window of opportunity was these 3-4 days. I kinda have that "Mr. T" thing going on tonight though:  I just love it when a plan comes together.

Oh and to the few that have had to ride the roller coaster with me, Deb and Carol, who I probably gave whiplash a couple times getting to a bathroom in Springfield, Beth (I think) who opened the door to the bathroom at work as I was having problems and promptly left when I begged whoever it was not to come in, Susie, who saw me after that and figured out something was terrible wrong, my mom, who puts up with my stubbornness because she knows she is to blame for it, Marsha, for the same reason, and especially Andrew and Robert, who have seen the "real" story every night and day for the last 9 weeks: Thanks for your patience and your prayers, and your support. Sorry I had to take you through this and once again, thanks for putting up with it. You know me, all things works together for good---we just gotta find the right time to get it done.

Thursday, life gets back to full speed ahead!

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