Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once Again.....

I'm slipping, horribly, again.... I am truly realizing I am one of those people who does not function well without a certain degree of stress. I don't know what to do with myself and the worst part is I get behind. How much sense does that make? Honestly, the only thing I am behind on is my blog, and my attic, and my garage. I am having this awful urge to come home of an evening and sit. I'm not used to the concept and I don't really like the feeling of "non-accomplishment" that comes with it so I am going to have to do better.

Here is an update--seeing as how I haven't posted a thing since the 30th of Novemember.

Andrew and I celebrated our 18th anniversary on the 6th. We went out, by ourselves, two weekends in a row. That, I am most definately sure, was the first time in 17 years that had happened. We went to Niemergs for Andrew's birthday,which we decided we were probably old enough for the crowd, and the next weekend we went to Robinson and saw The Blindside. The movie was awesome, if you get a chance, you should see it.

Of course, we are getting ready for Christmas, I have my shopping done, now if it were just wrapped. I used to love wrapping presents, now, for some reason, not so much. I am not being a scrooge, just one of those things I think I need to be a perfectionist in, so it takes such a long time. I normally wrap as I buy so I don't have a mountain facing me, another thing I am slipping on.

The Awana guys were all here Sunday to decorate cookies, we had a great time, my mom had the camera that day, I will have to wait until a get pictures from her to post, my batteries were dead. We have our Awana Christmas program tonight, the guys are great in their part and can't wait for them to do it. They are doing a skit that leads to them reading the Christmas story. Everyone is amazed that high school boys would be willing to do this--I have the cream of the crop as far as I am concerned.

Our Sunday School program and Choir Cantata is Sunday morning. This will be my last " stressor" of the season. Our last practice for the cantata is normally a bad one, this one went extremely well--would you believe that makes me worry?? It just means I have to pray more. If you aren't busy Sunday morning at 10 a.m. come out to our program. We are showing a DVD with our cantata and I think the effect is really good.

Last Friday night, I got to go with a group of friends from church to the Angela Lilly Christmas Show at LTC. This was my first time going and I loved it! What a great way to take a little time out and just enjoy the season!

Looking forward, as of today, I have six days of work left this year! I haven't taken an entire week off since last Christmas. I am SO ready. I am never going to let that happen again! Of course, we normally spend a weekend in St. Louis while I am on vacation. This year, I am technically taking sick time instead of vacation because Robert is having his wisdom teeth cut out. That happens at 8:45 on Monday the 28th.

It looks like after the first of the year, Andrew is going back to days. He will be working 4 twelves like he does now, but 8-8 on days. It will be a big switch, especially since we will both be getting ready for work at the same time each morning. The plus side, maybe we won't have so many times we go for days without seeing each other! Last week, I said goodbye to him Thursday evening and didn't see him until Saturday morning, we had both been home, just not at the same time. I am especially looking forward to more Saturdays togethter that he doesn't have to spend half the day sleeping.

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