Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Norman Rockwell Christmas

I think I have officially had the best Christmas I have had in years. Yesterday, my sister, her husband, my guys and my mom were sitting by the fire visiting, just relaxing honestly and my sister says, "I keep remembering when you lived at Pontiac, it was really your first Christmas to fix dinner for everyone and you had kept saying you wanted a Norman Rockwell Christmas." She then said, "I remember us standing in the garage that afternoon with you bawling because it just didn't happen. Well, no, it truly didn't happen that year. In fact, there are lots of memories of that Christmas that I would just as soon forget. Anyway, my sister went on to say, "I think you are about to finally get your Norman Rockwell Christmas...if it would just snow!" At that time it was still 45 degrees outside. It also dawned on me that she must be feeling like it is a great day too or she wouldn't have said it.

Well, the company was perfect, the meal was perfect, the naps that afternoon by the fire...perfect.

As the morning began yesterday, my uncle, who is in his 80's didn't have any water. My mom had helped him until 3 the day before, I wished they would have called the boys on Christmas eve but they didn't. So I called Mom early and said I thought the guys should go, she didn't say no. They loaded up all their tools and I told Andrew to call me when they were ready to start home because we would just hold off on lunch. He called about 10:00 and they had it fixed! That was probably just the icing on the cake. This was MY uncle, not Andrew's, but he didn't hesitate to go help. I love my husband! I need to add to this that his back is still a mess and he goes on the 4th for an epidural but as he says "Life goes on".

My sister is a photographer, so she took most of the pictures, she even took a ton of pictures of the food, I will have to nab her card and download it before she leaves.

I still know, as I put in my last post, that the reason this has been such a perfect Christmas is that it has been more "Christ-centered" than I have ever had. Thank you Lord, for my Norman Rockwell Christmas.

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