Saturday, July 2, 2016

Time to Play Catch-Up

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog since April.....sorry. Things have been moving at what feels like warp speed and I seem to be spending most of my time trying to just hang on for the ride.

I think I am heading for remission as far as the UC is concerned. I had a bit of a problem the first week of June but it is over and I am doing incredibly well. I still have an autoimmune disease and I am up to taking 12 pills daily for that, plus the injection once every two weeks. I take 5 more pills every day to support the needs of my body that the other pills decrease; potassium, B-complex, lots of Vitamin C. The hardest part of things right now is remembering that I have no immune system and I still have to be careful. It is harder to remember that when I feel so good.

On my work front, the state just passed a stop-gap budget. Not ideal, but at least we can start our program year, so I am happy about that. I have two trips to Springfield planned this month. Hopefully, we get to work on bringing back our Percentage of Income Payment Program, I love this program, it has been a lot of hard work, but I feel like it is so worth it.

Here at home, Andrew is having his busiest summer ever, and we are so thankful to God for our clients and the continued work. Right now, we are booking into the middle of August. That makes me very happy, I just pray the phone keeps ringing.

We have a new face in our house, now if we can just get the house to survive her growing up stages. Jasmine aka Jazz, is our new kitten. She is about 13 weeks old now, and into everything. Gibbs was never like this and we don't quite know how to handle her. Gibbs has been the cute one though, he absolutely loves her. I thought he would be a good big brother but I think he thinks he is a dad and that is okay. They spend 90% of their time together and I love it.

Because Andrew has been so busy, the guys haven't spent much time on Robert's house. They are planning on working on it today and Monday though, so hopefully they can make some progress.

On Memorial Day, we did take a family day and headed to Kentucky. My theme for the day was "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". We took in the Corvette Factory, the Kentucky Railway Museum and the Aviation Heritage Park, all in Bowling Green. We ate at Chaney's Dairy Barn for lunch and of course, had to hit Moonlite BBQ in Owensboro on our way home. It was a great day and probably as close as we are going to get to vacation this summer. I am planning another family day the 23rd of August, when Robert takes his week of vacation. We are going to Columbus, Indiana. I heard about this town at our annual IACAA conference, and really wanted to visit. Ironically, the center of all the change for them was the Cummins Diesel Engine factory, which now you can understand why the boys don't mind following my little dream.

I am planning on taking a lot of Fridays off this summer. My mom is still having some blood issues and so we have spent several Fridays in Terre Haute at the doctor, we don't go back until the 22nd of this month. Yesterday, she didn't have to go to the doctor so we just went shopping, and grocery shopping for the fun of it. That leaves me with the whole day home today. Not leaving the house. It is pathetic how excited that makes me!

We started off the 4th of July weekend with a concert in Robinson last night. It was our 2nd annual community band concert and I was so excited and honored to be a part of it.

I may try to post pictures here this afternoon.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be careful!

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