Sunday, December 26, 2010

Getting Ready for a Fresh Start

I try to live life without regrets. I have failed miserably at that at two particular areas in my life scrapbooking and my blogging. Last year, when it was time to do the annual "Browning Christmas Letter", I turned to my trusty blog as an outline for all that was in important in our lives. This year, when that time came, I saw just how bad my blogging was this year.  I am sad, especially since I have also had a problem picking up the camera when I should and things that I should have and wished I had pictures of I don't. That can't be changed.

In turn, that makes Scrapbooking the last year of our lives a little hard. It has been so long since I have scrapbooked. I miss it dearly too. I sat down and made Christmas gift tags and place names and realized that too, was something that needed attention.

I can blame it on being too busy, I can blame it on being too tired, which with the medical conditions, is actually true but it doesn't matter, I can't get it back. So. I am going to work myself up to getting all of these things back where they belong. I get to thinking why bother blogging, I don't think that many people even read it anymore, nobody ever comments and I feel we lost that little "kindred clique" we had going on back in the days before facebook. But lately I have realized that deep down, I blogged for myself, to lay out all the things in my life that I am blessed with and if someone else finds a little joy in it, all the better.

I have had phone calls at work before from people who have said, "You probably don't really know me, but I read your blog," I thought it was hilarious, and I did, in fact, know who the people were, through my network of friends.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new opportunity. We leave in the morning for our mini-vacation to St. Louis. Tomorrow night, Cirque Holidaze Dreams at the Fox, I have 7th row seats. Of course, I can't take pictures inside the Fox, but I will outside. Tuesday we are going to the Blues vs. Blackhawks game. There will be plenty of pics there. Thursday, Andrew and I are going to start tag-teaming getting the walls done in the back bathroom, more chances to record those memories.

So, I am not even waiting until New Years to make this resolution. Starting now, I am going to give more time to my blogging and my scrapping. Something else will have to wait.

My dad always told me nobody knows when they get up in the morning if they will be alive to eat dinner that evening. Enjoying every minute of the life God has given me IS important and it IS important to ME that I preserve it.

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